Thanksgiving 2013 Newsletter

Hello All!


I haven’t posted a blog in a while! Thought it might be nice to send out a Newsletter this year on Thanksgiving (and it’s an early Hannukah this year!) rather than Christmas and beyond. Things get so hectic in December, for all of us, I know. So, I’m hoping that you’ll have a little more time to check something like this earlier rather than later! And if you don’t get to opening this until next Spring, hey, that’s okay too!!!


I can’t believe I just celebrated being here in Prescott a year in October! How did THAT happen, right?? It went really fast! I’ve found that things here are done “cyclically,” i.e., there seem to be “seasons” for performances, academic calendars, etc., and then there’s a whole other “vibe” to Prescott in the summer. This past year, I’ve accompanied many students, taught a few students piano, attempted to accompany some choirs at the local college (but classes were in the morning and way too classical for this jazzer!! :), I played background piano for a Gallery in town’s Annual Auction, I put together a Fundraiser for the Sandy Hurricane Victims back East at a small Deli shop in December, I took a wonderful swimming class at the college, I sang with a group of singers at venues around town around the Holidays and in the Spring. I haven’t sung in a group like this in years! In the summer, I was asked by the same Deli shop where we had the Fundraiser to put together a Summer Series of music. I was able to round up some great musicians in town, and some folks participated who were on tour throughout the Southwest. It was the restaurant’s first attempt at doing something like this. We didn’t get as many folks as we had hoped (there was a lot of competition, i.e., other gigs in town at the same time and we had a lot of rain!), but it was fun listening to great music all summer long out on the back patio! In the Fall, I was asked to help with the Main Stage production at the Prescott Center for the Arts. We put on Burt Bachrach’s/Neil Simon’s Promises, Promises, which was a blast! I met some wonderful actors, hired some great musicians to form a great pit band which I had to conduct(!), and had a lot of fun putting the show together. I feel like I have a new “theatre” family now as a result here! I also was asked to “revive” a Youth Singer’s Group last Spring which is back in full swing now. We have gigs lined up every weekend in December! So, I guess you could say I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy! 🙂


I’m also still working with folks over in Europe to put together a Multi-genre Music Festival in Holland. We did an Indiegogo Campaign in the summer, and are hoping to attain sponsors to make this a reality. Big meeting with a potential sponsor next week in Amsterdam..fingers crossed!!!


Charcoal and Calico are really enjoying their new life here. They have the run of the house, as well as the garage. I have been feeding 2 strays in the neighborhood also. I have been toying with the idea of getting a dog. Seems practically everyone in this town has a dog (!). But it’s too soon to decide that. Feels like we just landed here and are still getting used to everything!


I am staying here for Thanksgiving this year, celebrating with friends. December is completely booked with gigs and fun things to do!, and then I’m heading to NY this year for Christmas. Long overdue! It will be nice to see family and friends and be “home” again, although I must admit, Prescott is definitely starting to really feel like “home” now.


Finally, I did want to mention that a good friend of mine from Los Angeles, Rena Richards, has unfortunately contracted kidney disease, and is looking for a kidney donor. She has been diligently working on this, and asked that I send something out to my “list” since, as she put it, “you know people all over the world!” Well…I guess I do (!). So, if anyone is interested in helping Rena with this, and/or knows someone who could, please contact her at (Rena runs a petsitting business.).


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Here’s to a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Holiday Season ahead!! (Here’s a picture of The Dells, which I look out on every day!)


–Monica, Charcoal and Calico


One thought on “Thanksgiving 2013 Newsletter

  1. Hi Monica, It’s so nice to hear from you. Prescott life sounds very attractive for someone like you — the music and everything. Years ago Dean and I took a road trip to Glacier Nat’l Park and overnighted at the Dells. What a beautiful view you have! Have. Wonderful Christmas and thanks so much for keeping in touch. We’re trying to age gracefully. Love, Nancy

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